Music Helps Writing

Music. It’s poetry with a beat.

Several years ago, I did not listen to music as I wrote my little stories on my Microsoft documents. Then, I discovered that music helps me to write. It fills the silence. It channels the drama. It displays the passion and love. For The Queen’s Messenger, I might listen to acoustic. For The Reformation Trilogy, I might listen to dubstep. However, I will admit that music and writing is not a good combination for everyone. Some people find it distracting and that they cannot focus while a heavy beat and  loud words are continually thrumming in their ears. For me, I find my character’s personality in the songs. Some of my characters even have “theme songs.” For instance, the theme song for Anastasia Knight and Felix Ivanov is from the Anastasia movie soundtrack. For The Queen’s Messenger, I see “The Lightning Strikes (What if the storm Ends?)” by Snow Patrol as the theme song. When you find the song for a scene or novel, you might find yourself replaying the same song five time in a row…

Because you can’t get enough of it.

You find your heart beating faster, your fingers hitting the keyboard harder, and your mind thriving with activity.

You find yourself humming it in the grocery store, in the movie theater, and at the gym. When you listen to it on your mp3, you find yourself imagining scenes for your book and yourself racing for the computer because of sudden inspiration. That is what music can do, if you let it. So explore. Maybe, among the thousands of songs out there, you will find the one that will lead you to the key to be published.

Some songs that I use:

Troublemaker by Olly Murs –theme song for Alexandr

#Thatpower by Will I Am –The Reformation Trilogy

Between the Raindrops by Lifehouse– The Reformation Trilogy

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons– The Reformation Trilogy theme song

The Lightning Strike (What if the Storm Ends?) by Snow Patrol– The Queen’s Messenger Theme Song.

Ending instrumental song from Star Wars: The Clones Wars season 5 finale.

The Anastasia Movie soundtrack for The Reformation Trilogy.

Hanging on (Sound Remedy Remix) by Ellie Goulding.

Nothing Left to Say and Rocks by Imagine Dragons– The Queen’s Messenger

Farewell until next time,

S. G. B.



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