The Most Important Thing When Writing a Novel (Yes, the Most Important!)


Did you ever think there was such a thing?

When I think of setting out to write a novel, I think of these things:




Long Hours,

Pinterest Board,



Drawing Characters/Scenes,

And Research.

Which of those things are most important to you? I’m not talking about technicalities. I’m not asking what the editors say is most important. When you undertake the task of writing a book, you might think that the characters are most important, or that the plot is the thing that drives the entire story.

Well, I’m here to prove you wrong. I’ll give you a hint:

If I speak with a silver tongue

Convince a crowd,

but don’t have love,

I leave a bitter taste with every word I say.

(Proof of Your Love by King and Country)

Without passion (love), my novel is lifeless. It can’t move any hearts, and it won’t build my fan base. My books are nothing if I don’t care. If I don’t love my characters and story, then the reader will be able to tell. You can learn all the grammar rules and plot structure you want, but you have to love what you’re writing for it to be any good.

To see if you truly love your book, then see if your answer is YES to these points:

  • Do you enjoy writing your novel? Do you look forward to writing it every day? Yes, every time you sit down to write. Not just on the rainy days or the sunny days, but do you enjoy writing your book on a normal, consistent basis?
  • Do you think about your book all the time? Personally, thoughts about my book can be quite distracting. I think about it all the time!
  • Is a piece of yourself in your character(s)? In my character, Anastasia Knight, she has to live up to big expectations. I can relate to her in that way. Do one or some of your characters reflect a piece of yourself (And no, that does not mean that you’re characters need to be identical copies of you, but we’ll talk about that maybe in another post).
  • For drawers, do you feel inspired to bring your characters to life through art? As I write this, there is a portrait of my character, Anastasia Knight, sitting in front of me. It’s probably one of the best versions for her that I’ve ever drawn. I love bringing her to life!
  • Are you not very concerned with word count? Now, if you are, I’m not saying you don’t love your book, but if that’s what you’re consumed with, then no, you don’t love your book. If fact, you’re hurting your book. Instead of pouring quality words into your work, you’re slapping down a piece of hurried writing.

No, your novel won’t be perfect. You’ll have ups and downs, but the important thing is that you love your book so much that you won’t stop writing. I’m not asking if you’re perfect at these things above. I would say that endurance is the second most important aspect of writing, but I’m here to tell you that your love (or passion) for your book is the most important thing and is what, ultimately, drives your novel.

For those participating in NaNoWriMo (You can check my post about National Writing Month here), make sure you love what you’re writing. Don’t just focus on the word count. And those who aren’t, make sure in that you love what you’re writing, too.

Because, no matter what you’re writing, you have to be passionate about it. Otherwise…

If I sing but don’t have love

I waste my breath with every song

I bring, an empty voice

A hollow noise.

(Proof of Your Love by King and Country)

Do you love your book?

I mean, do you really love your book?

Perhaps, one of the keys to the Quest for Publishment is to love what you’re writing.

What do you think? Do you think that love is the most important aspect of writing?

Until next time,



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