That Dreaded Blank Page


Every new page presents the stark whiteness of a canvas. Whether you write on a document or on paper, it’s there. It’s staring at you like a predator, and your its prey.

You can either write or not write.

That’s the question, right? To write or not to write?

Every time you finish a page, another blank one comes up to tell you that you can’t finish your novel.

It taunts you.

Your blood boils in anger.

I shall conquer you! you silently scream.

Yet there’s nothing on the paper.

Your inspiration is running dry, and your papers are not soaked with ink anymore.

You feel claustrophobic and your heart is pounding.

How will you go on?

You feel trapped like a bird in a cage, and you shall never escape because you are your own prisoner.

Then, you see a bit of light through the bars, and your heart lightens a bit.

Inspiration has hit and you are saved!

But it’s only temporary; you will be ensnared again.

How do you overcome this? How do you stop The Nothing?

You must fuel your brain with dreams.

Now, this is not easily done.

How do you stay inspired?

Ahem, I hope you enjoyed this piece of poetry above (did you catch The Neverending Story reference?). Well, there are several ways of accomplishing (almost) continuous inspiration. I feel like this is a universal subject because we ALL struggle with it. Even veteran authors do (I’m guessing, at least), because our brains can’t go go go go go all the time. Eventually, we’re drained of our creativity and put back in our self-inflicted cage; just like our physical being. We all need a break, which brings me to my first point:

1. Take a break. Now, when I say take a break, that does not have to mean take a break from writing in general. You could sketch your characters, write a blog post, or perhaps work on your Pinterest boards. Sometimes, your head has to clear and you have to take a break for a few days. For me at least, a few days without writing equals a week of overloaded inspiration because writers are hungry. If you can stop writing for a super long period of time without missing it, then writing novels is probably not for you.

2. Write something you love. You don’t have to write the scene you’re on at the present. Skip ahead and write the part that you’ve been yearning to write (just make sure that everything connects and makes sense). This might fuel you to then go back and write everything else.

3.Consult with someone. Talk with a fellow writer and tell them what you’re struggling with (for example, comment on this post! I’ll do my best to give you a lending hand). Talking with others who are more experienced can help you grow as a writer.

4. Edit. It’s not the most fun thing to do, but it can be very helpful. Going back and evaluating what you’ve written can help you clear your head. Read your book. What makes it exciting? What’s wrong with it? Immerse yourself in your characters.

5. Listen to your favorite tracks. Most writers use music to inspire them. Sit down and listen to the music that makes you think of your characters’ stories. Relax and enjoy! Afterward, you might feel ready to write your novel again.


To close…

Break free of what’s holding you back!

Write until you can write no more.

Get inspired and don’t forget:

Never stop doing what you love.

When you think about it, writer’s block is like life: it gets you down, but you have to find a way to pick yourself back up. Your book depends on it…

Perhaps, while finding inspiration, you’ll find a path that will assist you on the Quest for Publishment. How do you stay inspired?

Until next time,



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