How to Start Your Writing in 2014 the RIGHT Way!


First of all, I want to wish all of my viewers and followers a Merry Christmas! The holidays are upon us. I hope you’ve been able to squeeze in some writing between the family gatherings and cooking. As 2013 comes to a close, here is my year of writing in review:

  • Finished Innovation and wrote the first draft of The Queen’s Messenger (which I plan on editing very soon)
  • I started my personal blog, Quest for Publishment, this July. So far I’ve had great response! Thanks for all of the support.
  • I just finished the first draft of the final book in The Reformation Trilogy. It is titled Reformation and I am currently editing it.

These are the highlights of my writing for this year. Fairly productive, but I hope to accomplish bigger things next year.

Now, how do I set goals for myself as a writer for 2014?

For me, I have almost finished something that I’ve worked on for around a year and a half. The Reformation Trilogy was a huge undertaking, and I believe that I’ve learned a lot from it. The Queen’s Messenger was a great idea and the execution wasn’t bad, but my drive to write the book wasn’t very strong. I pushed through and finished it, but I feel that it needs a huge editing job. I think that I’ve improved on my characters. They now have depth, back stories, and original personalities. I don’t write cookie-cutter characters as much anymore. As a writer, I must improve. The main way to improve is to write, write, and write some more. I need to work on strengthening my plot and making it less predictable. I need to work on how my characters interact (I need to make them a little less robotic, and my romance scenes could be a little more natural as well). I don’t want to plunge into the upcoming year doing the same things. I want to start setting goals and seeing results. As an aspiring author, how can I up my game?

1. Forget everything you’ve learned. You may be thinking, Wait what? Why would I do that? Don’t stop reading yet. What I mean is, you must be eager to try new things. Take the knowledge you’ve learned and apply it while making room for new techniques.

2.Write down 3-5 things that you feel you’ve improved on, and then 3-5 more things that you need work on. You can ask your friends and family who have read your works. Ask their opinion. (For me… Improved: characters, writing style, “naturalness,” blogging. Need work: Combat, interactions, and just “making sense” or AKA no plot holes or confusion in my books for the readers).

3. Write down your goals. I’m going to share mine in a moment, but what do you want to accomplish this year? If you don’t quite know, think about it for a moment. What’s your heart’s desires? Do you want to reach a word count, perhaps read a certain number of books in a genre and then write something in that genre? Expand your mind!

4. Have someone who will check on you. Consult with this person. Show him/her your goals and make sure you stick with them. Having someone to give you encouragement really helps!

Writing takes perserverance, and perserverance takes focus. The only way you’ll complete your goals is by going forward. Sometimes goals can seem daunting, so make sure that they’re specific. Having a vague description of your goals can set you up for failure!

Here are my 2014 goals:

  • Edit The Queen’s Messenger. I hate to leave this wonderful story, and I feel that I need to finish it.
  • Start a new book or series. I want this book or series have a very strong plot. It must have a natural love story (No love triangle). I want it to be fresh and unique… Something that no one has seen before. I want it to take place in a retro futuristic age.
  • I would like to finish two novels this year from start to finish. I may write a two book series, or I may write two stand alone novels.
  • I want to reach at least 120 followers on this blog. I definitely think that it’s a reasonable number. I’m at about 49 followers currently (including email followers). Please subscribe and help me reach my goal!

If you don’t complete all of your goals, don’t worry! Put your best effort out and write. What you finish, you finish.

So there are my new year’s writing resolutions. I hope this list helps you to reach your dreams. A new year means new things to discover on The Quest for Publishment! What are your goals? I’d love to know! Comment below.

Until next time,



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