Focus… It’s the Key

Can you find the i in this:


Found it? Well, that takes focus. In writing, focus can be a key point to success. Keep in mind, my method does not work for everyone. Some are better multi-taskers. However, many writers take on so many wonderful (but detrimental) projects that they find themselves drowning in their work. I used to be working on two or three projects at a time. I would stop one, work on another, and never put my full effort into one project. For me, I do better focusing on one novel. On the other hand, I do not believe their is anything wrong with jotting down a story line, planning a plot, or drawing characters for a possible book idea. What I am saying is this: try working on one novel and not stopping. In other words, focus on just one book and see what happens. Here is an example:

I’m writing a long novel. I hit a point where I am incredibly bored. Now, what I should do is trudge through and overcome the obstacle, for almost every book has its parts where the writer feels bored or tired. (Now, some books are considered “dead” and are discarded, but please bear with me.) I have random inspiration for another book and say, “I’ll come back to this book and start this new one.” Well, I never finish the other book. I never overcome adversity. I never finish that novel.

You see? For many, a lack of focus can be harmful to their writing. Also, if you hit the big time, you will have deadlines to make, and you can’t be jumping from story to story! Now is the time to improve your focus! Here are some ways:

  • Don’t be discouraged! Every novel has its parts that, for a writer, makes it difficult to continue! Stay focused and remember: it will get better!
  • Keep all of your ideas in a document. As you are working on your current novel, jot down your other ideas on a document. That way, you can come back to your other ideas.
  • Set goals. Perhaps, your goal could be to write one thousand words a day, to finish a certain number scenes, or to finish a chapter a day. Go at a pace so that it works with your schedule. If you follow this method, you should finish your novel in a certain time frame.
  • Keep the story engaging. You find yourself in a rut? Never fear. Spice up your story! Throw a curve ball, but keep it reasonable. Some books just need a kick start.

You make be thinking to yourself, I put plenty of effort into my projects! You probably are, but do me a favor. Try focusing on just one book. See what happens. Maybe, with a lot of time and finger cramps, you will finish The Quest for Publishment.

How do you stay focused? Do you just write one book at a time, or do you multitask? How has writing just one book helped you to improve?

Until next time,



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